Terrorism curse for humanity

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0 comments Terrorism is an instrument in the hands of frustrated and dissatisfied minority against strong dominant majority in order to achieve its goals which are denied in peaceful political setup. For the use of threat of violence, the goals of terrorist differ.

Essay on Science in the Service of Humanity in Hindi

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Terrorism Curse For Humanity. Killing innocents in the name of religion and freedom is terrorism, and it is a curse for a civilised world and humanity.

There is no room for terrorism in a civilised world and it is our duty as a civilised citizen to speak up against terrorism.”. Terrorism for humanity is terrorism with the aim of the principle of humanity. That is the aim of getting people, including whole peoples, out of lives of wretchedness and other deprivation, bad lives, lives of.

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Terrorism curse for humanity
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