Accountable care organization research paper

Accountable Care Organizations

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BackgroundIna total of 32 organizations entered the Pioneer accountable care organization (ACO) program, in which providers can share savings with Medicare if spending falls below a.

Accountable Care Organization Question is an accountable care organization and the reason why the there is so much discussion about the emerging entities. Accountable care organization is a society that incorporates nurses, insures, hospitals and physicians among others major partners.

(“Patient Safety Indicators and Accountable Care Organizations Research Paper - 1”, n.d.) United States Health Care Reform and Accountable Care Organizations It goes on to discuss the implementation of the recent Affordable Care Act and the changes it will bring along with it, more specifically the benefits.

An Accountable Care Organization is a form of managed care that differs from the health maintenance organizations in that they are normally run by doctors, a group of health care practitioners or hospitals rather than by the health insurance companies.

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is designed to realize two goals mentioned in President Obama’s health care reform: provide high quality health care and control the ever-increasing spending.

Accountable care organization research paper
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